A well-structured book that is error free and flows beautifully is key to a lifelong writing career. I’m excited to partner with you on this exciting journey! 


Commercial fiction: mainstream, mystery, suspense/thrillers, and all subgenres of romance

Non-fiction: craft, wellness, self-help, and spirituality

Take a look at the editorial options below to learn more. 

Developmental Editing

A close reading and comprehensive analysis of your book that includes a detailed report, extensive margin comments and suggestions, and an overview of your scene sequences.

Manuscript Evaluation

A close reading and general analysis of your book that is a quicker and more budget-friendly critique than a developmental edit (but not any less powerful!).

Copy Editing

Line-by-line corrections to spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and word usage.


The final read-through of your book before publication. It’s the last chance to catch formatting issues after layout.


Whether because of time, skill, or life circumstance, you are one of those great storytellers without a book. That's where I can help.

Client Testimonials

"Tabetha was an outstanding book designer. I had sometimes very detailed feedback and she responded professionally to all of it to create a great product."
Frank K.
"I worked closely with Tabetha for several years on Creative Knitting magazine and other craft books and publications. She’s inventive, and always adds her own creative signature to whatever projects she is committed to."
Kara Gott Warner
Podcaster, Coach
"Tabetha's edits were detailed, thorough, and so helpful in making my novella amazing.
Lisa B.

Letters from the Editor's Desk

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