So many amazing stories never make it to the page. Whether because of time, skill, or life circumstance, you are one of those great storytellers without a book. That’s where I can help.

A ghostwriter, in the simplest sense, turns your vision or outline into a manuscript ready for publication. My job is to capture your unique voice and ideas so that the final piece looks and feels 100% you, giving you full credit of authorship. It’s your story to tell and I’m the agent who pens it onto the page.

Your book project begins with a meeting to discuss your idea, audience, publication plans, time frame, expectations, contract, and rates.


Word count options range from short story to multi-book series.

Commercial fiction: all subgenres of romance, mystery, suspense/thrillers, and all subgenres of romance

Non-fiction: craft, self-help, wellness, and spirituality

Ghostwriting rates are estimated on a base of $45-$60 an hour. Email me at to schedule a meeting about your project today!  

Schedule a zoom meeting
to discuss your goals, ideas, and publishing vision.

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