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Hi. I'm Tabetha, and I have a love affair with words.

It’s about more than plot or structure, characters or setting. For me, it’s about how the craft of writing expands and evolves through the editing process. It might begin with an idea, but a great story grows out of all the elements woven in at each stage of revision. With a focus on collaborative guidance, I aim to help you improve not just your work, but everything you write.

a little background...

I started my career in craft publishing in 2008, designing, writing, and editing over 300+ knitting patterns, producing a decent handful of knitting books, and writing untold amounts of sales copy, blog posts, and newsletters. All of it paired nicely with my twenty years of reading, writing, and studying the craft of fiction. 

My writing and editing skills in fiction and craft non-fiction continue to improve under the training and mentorship of respected authors, such as L.A. Mitchell, Roni Loren, Becca Syme, and Margie Lawson. I have a particular fondness for editing and formatting romance, mystery, and suspense, but am well versed in memoir, self-help, and craft.

education & training...

  • B.A. in Sociology
  • Copy Editing Certificate Program from Writer’s Digest University
  • Developmental Editing for Fiction training from the Editorial Arts Academy
  • 6-week Copyediting Group Mentorship: Thriller with Editorial Arts Academy
  • Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices, and More with Margie Lawson
  • Ghostwriting training and coaching from L.A. Mitchell

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