Hi. I'm Tabetha, and I have a love affair with words.

"Good writing starts with words on the page; great writing comes from creative revision and editing."

It’s about more than plot or structure, characters or setting. For me, it’s about how the craft of writing expands and evolves through the editing process. It might begin with an idea, but a great story grows out of all the elements woven in at each stage of revision. With a focus on collaborative guidance, I aim to help you improve not just your work, but everything you write.

a bit more background...


I’ve published a decent handful of knitting books and regularly coach entry-level knitwear designers. My writing and editing skills in fiction (romance, mystery, and suspense) and craft non-fiction continue to improve under the leadership and mentorship of respected authors, such as L.A. Mitchell, Roni Loren, Becca Syme, and Margie Lawson.

My specialized training includes:

  • B.A. in Sociology
  • Copy Editing Certificate Program from Writer’s Digest University
  • Developmental Editing for Fiction training from the Editorial Arts Academy
  • 6-week Copyediting Group Mentorship: Thriller with Editorial Arts Academy
  • Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices, and More with Margie Lawson
  • Ghostwriting training and coaching from L.A. Mitchell
Other Tidbits
  • I’m married to a guy (lovingly called the Goat) who mountain bikes, tinkers with his motorcycle, and fixes appliances outside of his dad duties. He puts up with my crazy whirlwind ideas and obsessions.
  • I will fight you over the Oxford comma. Wink.
  • I have two amazing, intelligent teenagers who both wear me out and inspire me with their wealth of questions, sass (sigh… a little too much sass), curiosity, imagination, and independence.
  • I love learning, but there are special topics that I have studied (frequently and regularly) since I was a teenager: eastern medicine (particularly Ayurveda), yoga, gardening, herbology, religious history.
  • I have a strong background in medicine as an ex-EMT and rescue work. It also helps that half of my family is in emergency medicine, too. That background fuels my love of romantic suspense.

Take a peek at some of my work.

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