You don't need to deal with the frustration
of figuring out book formatting yourself.

Getting hung up on learning new software, struggling with alignment, or dealing with code is the last thing a writer should have to do. That’s where a professional Interior Book Designer comes in. We want the reader to be entranced by your story and the world you’ve created. A good book design is like background music, just barely noticed.

Formatting is the foundation of your story. And it should be nothing less than exquisite. 

Print Typesetting & eBook Formatting

Custom Adobe InDesign Layouts | 2.5-4 cents per word
interior book design example: page layout, typesetting, and book formatting

Custom Typesetting. With my trained eye in page layout and the magic of Adobe InDesign, we can customize a book interior perfect for your brand, genre, cover, and style.

Rates depend on the number of words, formats, photos, and complexity. 


  1. Upon receipt of materials, I will design two or more interior page options, 2-6 pages each.
  2. Once you’ve shared your feedback, I’ll refine the desired interior page sample, then send it to you for final approval. 
  3. From there, I’ll design and layout the entire book and then send you the interior proof. You’ll have two rounds to submit changes. I encourage you to:
    • Check the document carefully
    • Send to a professional proofreader for a last check
    • Submit your edits clearly
  4. After the second review, I’ll make the final required edits to the book file and prepare the files for your printer. 
  5. (If applicable), I take the print-ready book files and adapt them to EPUB for your eBook. 
  6. Once everything is completed, I’ll send you all the print-ready and native files for your records. I’ll also confirm the final page count so that your cover designer can finish the book spine.
  7. You’ll send/upload the print-ready files to your printer (and, if applicable, digital publisher)
  8. I always provide additional support (free) should the printer require changes.


As soon as materials and initial project fees are received, the timeline begins.

  • Sample layout options: 2-4 business days
  • Full layout: 10-20 business days, depending on complexity
  • First Round Edits: 3-5 business days, depending on complexity
  • Final Round Edits: 2-3 business days, depending on complexity
  • ePub Creation: 7-10 business days

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